This is nothing special, well to you anyway. I'm not a scrapbook type, or a baby book writer, or even a picture printer. I'm terrible at recording memories. This blog is my attempt at holding on to some of my life as a Christian, a wife, and a homeschooling Mom of 5. I am a country girl that lived in a big city for 14 years, and moved to the Deep South for quiet, quaint, small town living.

Friday, February 24, 2012

This is all day long.

Why are they so excited?
Umm, this is just their normal selves.
You would have thought we told them they were going to Disney or something.....
(We haven't.)
They are going to FLIP more than this when they find out where this crazy energy can be spent soon.....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

She gets it honest....

Oh hello there, Margaret.
What is that in your hand????
And on your shirt?
And arms?
And pants?
And my meal plan?
And carpet?

And computer????

Oh, Sharpie.
Of course.
Thank the Lord for magic erasers!
And for being able to buy a pack of 30 (bobo brand) for $10 on ebay!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Chef

Liv has always been a big help.  
Lately she has learned she can cut fruit, 
reach the higher shelves in the pantry and cupboards, 
and allocate appropriate servings for each kid.  
She can even make coffee and tea with the Keurig! 
Lunch is her specialty.
Tell me you wouldn't be happy eating this lunch!