This is nothing special, well to you anyway. I'm not a scrapbook type, or a baby book writer, or even a picture printer. I'm terrible at recording memories. This blog is my attempt at holding on to some of my life as a Christian, a wife, and a homeschooling Mom of 5. I am a country girl that lived in a big city for 14 years, and moved to the Deep South for quiet, quaint, small town living.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Straighten Up!

I have been pretty good about getting quite a few things in my home organized this summer. I do have to say that some of it is out of necessity (preparing to begin to home school) and other reasons are for my own sanity. Let's face it, we all feel better when things are in their place.

I do have to confess. I have not done this on my own. I have needed direction and inspiration. I have started to read Molly Green's blog- Econbusters, just because the frugal factor interested me, but now I'm hooked. She is just like me. Everyday trying to get through life a little better for her God and family, and doing it while being the best steward she can be. She creates the awesome e-books that will be the next invaluable resource in my e-files. I need hints and tips and most of all, encouragement! This month's is called Organization for busy Families.

Just what I need!!! I'm totally looking forward to her ideas on taming the "mail monster" because paper that comes into my home will about to multiply 10 fold! I am barely staying afloat as it is!

If you need some positive advise, or just some inspiration, I would suggest you check it out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A little after dinner fun.

first cherry tomatoes!

I know George is wearing his bike helmet like he is special. He loves that thing!

Not Deep Enough for You?

Ok, so a friend of mine and I were talking about blogs we like to follow. Mine were more instructional and practical, and hers were more more about matters of the spirit and feelings. She said I could make my blog more interesting if I got more emotionally involved. hmmmmm.

I have been thinking on this. I would love to be that inspiring spiritual motivator that people are in awe of. Yeah..... that is not me. I can barely choke out a few sentences that I pray are understandable. Just compiling real words (as in not made up by me, but are already in existence) and putting them in an order that resembles a complete thought is challenge enough! Not to mention my lack of any grammar rules and constant misspellings, sigh. It is all very embarrassing.

I do like to ponder spiritual matters. I even like to talk them out with others. But putting them in writing is so permanent. I want to be teachable as a daughter of the Lord, but don't think I'm wise enough to teach my peers. Children on the other hand......

So that's why this is the simplest of simple blogs. Just family and life updates. I feel better now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Party Time! Ack!

Virginia's first birthday party is Sunday, and Liv's 5th b-day party is the following Sunday, and I'm so unprepared! Yeah, I ordered some things a month ago when I made the invites and mailed them out, but then I have put it on the back burner. I need a menu, paper products, a few more things for goody bags, and to remember all those great little details I thought of weeks ago! I am making lists, but they are scattered and making me feel more unorganized. This is embarrassing. Times like these I think maybe medication would be nice......

Monday, July 20, 2009


Grandpop, Basia, Ciacie, George and Livia

Ciacie is always up for a Disney Movie.

An afternoon at Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield wouldn't be the same without a visit with Uncle Mike and Aunt Winnie! Dad and Carlie also got to see how my little fishes are taking to the water these days (thank you Jax and Aly!). We also got to see Dad's sailboat. The kids are ready for an exursion (me too!).

Entering a new stage!

First steps!!!!

Seasonings of life

I had forgotten why my pantry is a black hole of food for a while. I have to take most of the contents of the bottom shelves and store it in the higher shelves (which are already packed as it is). Just another, season of life with baby. :)

design 101

I have always played with my food. I had to be discrete when I was younger, and I won't let my kids do that either..... unless it makes the plate more appealing (and they eat it!). I think I'll start a new section with my pretty plates. It is as easy as food placement. This meal was a quick lunch of pickled egg, grilled chicken with ranch to dip, and freezy peas. (yes, my kids chose frozen peas straight from the bag, over me cooking them!)

Joy of cooking

When I realize I can serve parts of a meal separately and then just combine it all to one bowl for leftovers the next day! My london broil, penne/arugula/goat cheese pasta, and seared zucchini tasted great separately and even better in a salad bowl with some sesame ginger dressing! I was feeling pretty smart that day.

Yummy cobbler from frozen cherries!

What do you think?

Are these long one? We started off with 3 blueberry bushes last year, and one did not even make the summer. We got berries off the surviving 2 and were looking forward to more this year. But, alas. Is there any saving them?

Love him! ♥

Schmos! (that is a Toy Sotry 2 quote, if you didn't get it)

Testing out the Father's day gift

little sneak.

These come in squares ready to break!

Yes, they are in sweatshirts in JULY! Good thing for global warming, or else we would have to break out the parkas! :/

4th of July party yummies

Thank you Bakerella! These where a big hit, but then again, I'm setting the bar too high. Now they will expect more next year! Why do I do this to myself? sigh.


80 degree weather, BBQ for lunch, the kiddie pool and sprinkler, swing set, nekked babies eating corn on the cob.
Really. Does it get any better than this?

Homeschool update

I'm spending some of my summer organizing our first year of homeschooling. I don't know how strict we will be to a schedule, so I'm trying to keep that in mind. After all, that is one of the lovelier parts of homeschooling!

I have a hanging folder bin system. I have folders for-
-Each week of work for the My Father's World curriculum (26 weeks after the initial 10 day startup unit) I'm collecting items as I see them for those weeks.
-Math (worksheets from her old school, and hooked on phonics {HOP} math packets)
-Reading (another HOP program and more worksheets from her teacher last year)
-A Bible folder to read and discuss lessons (we usually go over this after dinner with the family)
-Spanish (another HOP unit)
-Individual units I thought we would like, bird watching, telling time, origami....
-Some educational busy work, activity books for when she doesn't want to do the normal work
-Folders labeled for finished work in each category
-Important homeschool documents
- A folder to collect info and idea for next year

I also have magazine racks for her high five and big backyard magazines she wasn't too interested in last year, her beginner books to go with her HOP lessons, and various lesson/activity books to grab from.

There is a basket filled with flash cards, pretend money, pencil box and other basic materials.

Her butterfly cage and ant farm are set up, awaiting larva and ants to come in the mail. We have a portable dvd player that can play movies and audio for her lessons. I am thinking about getting a simple laptop- not to connect to the internet, but for all the computer lessons she has and educational games. That doesn't have to be immediate, but I don't think I want her on my computer with all her stuff. I'm selfish like that.

Oh, and how can I forget- I put up a dry erase board in my dining room! We are offical.
Livia is shy. There is no denying that. She likes to run, but is not aggressive in a team sport way. Maybe that will come. Until then, we were looking for something she would like to do/learn and build some confidence. Her friend Julia takes ballet and tap, so I figured Liv would try that if it was with a friend. The class she has to start with Julia took last year, so Liv is in the class by herself. (Well, with 11 other new, little ballerinas) She was excited anyway, and determined to work hard to get to Julia's level. Her summer class is half way through and we are pretty sure we will sign her up for the school year. And yes, we can officially call her twinkle toes!
She is practicing in the car, lol.