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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Comfort and Easy should go hand in hand.

We stayed 2 nights with our friends in South Carolina on our move to Mississippi.  It was a wonderful trip just seeing that family again.   No one can make me laugh like the Gloriosos!  

We would have been happy to eat cereal the whole time, but our friend Kay just has a way with food that blows me away, every time.  
I think her specialty is comfort food!
Maybe that is how she has so many friends.
Who isn't going to want to be friends with someone who makes you laugh so hard you snort, 
AND feeds you happy food.
I'm not even going to mention she made us Nutella Mousse!

That weekend she made us Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings!  They aren't exactly the same as the Eastern Shore Slippery Dumplings that I hold dear to my heart, but I have to say, these are easier to make and just as tasty!  In fact, because they are easier to make, it means less room for error.... and we all know now that I am working on narrowing the error margin.  I proved that by finding a copy cat recipe on pinterest and trying it myself.

But the best tip I learned from her wasn't in the recipe.  

She rolls her dough on a floured pillowcase!

 (Please excuse the cup.  This was a picture from rolling out biscuits.)

None of the dough stuck, it is larger than normal rolling mats, 
and my favorite part....
 the clean up was a breeze!  
Roll up, shake over the trash, and toss in the laundry!
I think I may need to plan another trip to South Carolina (it is ONLY 9 hours away, no big deal, right?) so I can improve my cooking even more.  If that is the reason, Troy might start saving up for my gas money!

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