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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Fun

School has been over for Liv for a while now.  George just finished his last day on May 28th.  He can't quite grasp that we (and half the rest of the free world) are taking a summer break.  He says he has waited soooooo loooooong to finish school so he can do homeschool now.  He begs for it every day.  I can't say I've been as eager to create some lessons for him, as I do the bare minimum on my swollen feet, achy everything, and incredible tooth pain (I have a cracked wisdom tooth that can't be looked at until after the pregnancy). 

Poor kid.  His mother won't educate him.

In a compromise (since he wants to learn more about letters, sounds, and numbers), I have been offering up info that I know, using resources I don't have to search through, and will keep Liv happy also.  Art lessons! 

We have done an Impressionism lesson with chalk painting, and learned about Monet.
We have learned about murals and even looked at a local muralist's work online (Michael Owen.  I connected him to the Mt. Washington mural gig!).  We picked a theme for them all to work on (they chose animals) and went to town.  If it wasn't so close to lunch, they would have painted more.  Poor timing on my part.

And free art time!  Liv has gotten incredibly creative lately.  She designed George a pirate costume with sticky foam sheets and markers, complete with a parrot and map!
We have been doing other fun stuff just because we can.  I love summer time!!!
Backyard fun- including the sand box, water table, sprinkler, slip and slide, swing set, bug catching.....
and the Boumi Carnival!

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  1. Love the mural idea, soo using it! I usually break open a paper bag, when I actually have one on hand, tape it to the floor and let them go to town. But with the nice weather I can't wait to see what they create while standing up :)