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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


George turned 4 on April 13th.  
 (Is it sad that I have a hard time remembering his b-day?  I went into the hospital on the 12th, so that is in my mind, but he was born a little after midnight.  I think I have a few more years before he notices the delay when I say his actual birth date.)

We are not having parties this year, with a new little one on the way (could you imagine planning 2 July parties a month after you gave birth???).  But one tradition we have started was for Troy to take the actual birthday off and we surprise them all with a special day out.  For George, on a rainey Tuesday, we ate some birthday pancakes that Troy made (complete with candles and singing) and took off for the Baltimore Cupcake Company.  (I had a Groupon for 9 cupcakes that would usually cost me $27, but because of a referral credit and awesome daily deals, I got this one for $4!!)  George got to pick out the most and the girls picked out a few also.  We saved them for later.....

Then, to the Aquarium!  Liv went there when she was little, but didn't remember, and George and Virginia have never been, so it was extra fun.  
Ginnie watching a lovely puppet show performed by Liv and George.
George eating his birthday lunch of choice (mac and cheese at the aquarium cafe).  Of course we had more candles and singing.  We tend to do this in anything/everything edible ALL day long, ha ha.
The Dolphin show!
We then went to Barnes and Nobles at the harbor to let the kids pick out a book and get a special treat- strawberry and cream fraps at the Starbucks.  It was a good wind down time for us to drive home and enjoy some presents!  George got a tee ball stand, a double feature movie- Monsters vs Aliens plus a bonus feature about Bob that is in 3D, a Wii game, and his Spider man puzzle book that he picked out at the book store.  Oh, and the cupcakes were pretty good too! (Which included more candles and singing)
The kids' first 3D movie experience. 
 All in all, I say it was a good way to spend George's first day being Four.

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