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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

George is Odd!

Having a kid every other year makes for some fun patterns.  

1. As one kid begins homeschool for Kindergarten, the next youngest child starts our favorite pre-school program at the near by Lutheran school. 

2.  Each child will get to spend at least 1 year with a sibling in the 0-2, 3-5, 6-9 classes at church.  It really helps in the transition of classes.

3.  All the kids turn Even and Odd number ages during the same year.  This is an Odd year and George is the first of the kids to be an Odd number.  The girls are still 6, 2, and 0 (10 mos).

I like to get a picture of the birthday kid first thing in the morning.  
Usually we are greeted with, "It's my Birthday!"  
Not this day.

 George thought I was Virginia bothering him and I heard, 
"Ginnie, leave me alone!  I want to sleep!"

I told him it was me, and he opened his eyes to smile and say, 
"I'm FIVE!"
That was better.

 George, Maggie and I headed to the local bakery to pick out a special birthday breakfast.  
Those wonderful ladies even sang to him!

 George picked a monster chocolate glazed donut, 6 assorted donuts for the fam, 
4 chocolate men cookies, a back bottom cake, and a mini lemon folded pie (huh? weirdo!).
 He was so excited!
 Of course there were candles and singing before we ate.
It was a good start to being Five.


  1. OK -- Woodlea Bakery. I'm drooling!!! One of our Baltimore favs. Looks like George had a wonderful 5th birthday :)

  2. Happy b-day, George! (And the pics of Ginnie and the cat are hilarious!)