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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Pirate Party

George has been asking for a Pirate party for 2 years now.  I don't even know where this idea came from.  But last year we didn't have birthday parties (we celebrated with our family of course).
We had a baby instead.  :)
 So, invites went out to a few of George's friends (not many, we have a small house and figured it would be rainy as April often is) and I started baking.  I have finally learned to start baking days ahead and freeze my cake!
 I need to work on my piping skills.  
Or maybe invest in a pastry bag instead of a ziplock with the corn cut off!
 This cake didn't take long at all.  I was loving the simplicity compared to past years.  
I might be out of cake retirement....
 The Pirate-y Spread.
 Dolphin and whale shaped chicken nuggets, different type of wings, and later came out fish sticks.
 Cannon balls are just black olives.  Add a little fruit and veggies and we called it a party!
 Stephanie saved me some work and brought the Deviled ships (that lasted 5 seconds!) YUM!
 Oops, if I wasn't in a hurry, I'd fix this.  Maybe later..... ha ha, yeah right.  If you tip your head you can see the seaweed salad (linguine alfredo mixed with spinach and a little food coloring), bread stick X's, Pirate Booty, and pineapple rings.

 The final cake with sails and of course, Pirates!
I couldn't help it.
The cutest Pirate ever!
 George is wearing his "Captain George" pirate shredded shirt (thank you vista print!).

 The Crew seemed jovial.

 And the porch, thankfully could be used.  It was under the beginning stages of remodeling, and the weather was warm enough to play in.  When the rain was pouring, it was a much needed play space!
Now George is thinking of a Baseball party next..... Poor kid does not really have a concept of time.

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