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Friday, August 19, 2011

(Very late) July Birthdays

I have been putting off posting about the end of July for a while.  
I do have loads of pictures with a fun birthday weekend before the miscarriage, and of course the little celebrations during and after that hard time.  
Since Troy's blood cell counts were high and he was feeling good, we made plans for our traditional birthday surprise outings.  They just couldn't be on the actual birthdays.  Liv and Ginnie's birthdays landed in the middle of one of his long, hard chemo weeks.

Here is a little recap.

 We visited the American Visionary Art Museum.
 They loved the outside exhibits.

 Lunch was Livia's traditional P.F. Chang pick.
 Our 3rd year in a row!

 A bonus trip to IKEA where the 3 oldest could play while Troy, Maggie and I picked up a few things.
 Then a quick stop at the Avenue for penny tossing in the fountain 
and milkshakes on the 101 degree day!

 Tuesday was Ginnie's b-day.  
Her presents and cupcakes happened after a fun day with Maggie and the Knipes, 
including an impromptu birthday party lunch at CFA with lots of friends!
(The big kids spent their last day at nature camp with Kristen's crew)
 I was in the hospital that day, but Aunt Marcy 
(along with Michelle, Charity, Kristen, and Lindsay) 
helped save the day. 
 I decided not to question too much while I was gone.......
 Livia's birthday actually started at Stephanie's for a party
(because I was still recovering and Troy was getting chemo).
Then we came home for presents and dinner with Ciacie.
Liv's dinner pick- cheese burgers.
Apple pie and gourmet cupcakes made her one happy birthday girl!

Troy and I will never forget all the help we had that week.
Because of amazing friends and family, our children never suffered a bit.
In fact, I can only imagine how special and loved they felt.

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  1. Aw this is so sweet. I did not realize you had a miscarriage I am very sorry to hear that. Their birthdays looked like a lot of fun! Love the bit into candle haha I wonder how many of those have been hidden around my own house?!