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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yes, Virginia, it IS like a giant sand box!

We are trying to fit in a little of Summer before it leaves us to the cold hard scheduling of Fall.
For me, that means Beach time!

We love to go to a tiny local beach (obviously not ocean side!) to avoid the crowds, travel cost, (plus every other cost a beach vacation racks up) the calm water, and not to mention the ease of last minute trips because the weather is just THAT lovely. 

Well, Virginia decided she hated the water and sand, wet or dry.  I couldn't just make fun beach runs with the kids (alone) with her screaming, whining, and clawing up my arm so the "dirty" sand would not get on her.  One of the nice days that Troy felt good (but his counts were low) we went for a morning outing.  I didn't pack swim suits or even an umbrella.  Just some buckets, shovels, and blanket and 2 towels. 

And what do you know???  Virginia actually played in the sand!

"It's like a big sandbox!"
"Why didn't I listen to my Momma in the first place?"
Ok, she didn't say the second part, but should have!
I don't know what was different this time, 
but I try not to bend my mind around her reasoning.
It hurts my head.
Liv spent a lot of time just running in the shallows.
George was the first to get completely soaked, of course.
And Maggie acted like a normal baby.  
She played in the sand with some coaxing....
Loved the whole family beach day idea....
But wasn't very fond of the water.
She was all smiles again once in the sand,
and taking her own facebook profile pic.
Speaking of posing..... girlfriend loves the camera, but is so shy around people.  
I don't get it... uh, my head.

Here is George giving us a proper sand mixing tutorial.

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