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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sewing 101

Well, this is not actually Sewing 101. 
That will be the class Liv and I taking in November.

We are talking remedial sewing class here.
Ginormous (blunt!) needles
And dollar store shelf grip with nice stretchy holes.
 I cut 3 pieces of "material."
Ginnie chose pink yarn.
The concept of putting the needle in and out (opposed to in and around to in again)
was harder on the kids than I thought.
Either way, they had a good time.

I found out we should get something to hold the material taut. 
Maybe some of those ring things.
Oh dear, I need that sewing class like you don't know.
 George kept saying his was  going to be a spaceship, or a knight, or a bonfire....
Liv liked crossing the threads to make crosses and T's. 
I never found out what George finally decided his finished product was.
I just wanted it to be skill practice.  No finished product needed.
In the end, they wanted to turn the project into tents for their toys.
Next time it will be more directed.  I will draw on a pattern for them to follow.

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