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Friday, June 1, 2012

As long as they sleep

My kids get to have "Slumber Parties" on weekends.  
(So if you ever hear them say, "Do you want to sleep with me?" try not to laugh.  
We are working on breaking that habit and saying slumber party instead.)
All kids in big beds get to switch beds, share beds, camp out on the floor, whatever they like, 
as long as they are in a kid bedroom and quiet.  
They think it is amazing.
 One Friday night, Troy and I made the rounds to check on the sleeping kids and saw this.
 Ginnie and Livie ended up together in the top bunk.
(We never know where they will land ahead of time.)
Before you think, "Poor Ginnie," understand that she is usually the one kicking others in their necks.
I can vouch for that personally.
All's fair in slumber party rules!

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