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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cowboy Birthday Party!

So, George wanted a Cowboy party. Funny, how Liv had a Cowgirl party when she turned 3. The favors were fun, and wrapped up in handkerchiefs.

For Liv, I make her cowgirl boot cake, and realized there was only a small chance I could top that! Marcy and Heidi gave me some ideas and we ended up deciding on a horses' head. I was all excited!

Saturday, baking day came, and the first double batch turned out terrible! It was sticky and salty. I forgot the eggs! Ok, no big deal, I'm a little behind schedule, but I have enough ingredients for extra cake (I was planning on baking 8 sheets). Well, the 2nd double batch had eggs, but was also salty and wounldn't come out of the pans. Grrr. I was thinking Carvel sounded pretty good. It was a shame our freezer went up that day!

Janet McCready said, a barn would be easy. Yes, that would be easier! Giant provided some uniced cakes and we still worked until 1:30 AM finishing the barn cake. This pic is of the yucky cakes.

Finished, Praise God!

Guess it turned out allright.

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