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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Want to be a ballerina?

So, Liv's friend from school (Julia) takes ballet and tap. I want Liv to take dance for a few reasons. One, she needs an extra curricular activity- preferably a physical one. Dance might help her shyness around others. Her feet are starting to turn in like her parents (sigh) and dance helped me ditch my "special" shoes when I was younger. :)

I take Liv in to register her for a simple 6 week session in the summer, like a trial. I'm talking it up, she will be a little ballerina! Liv gets to watch a part of her friend Julia's class, and she shies away, hiding behind me. The secretary and teachers are friendly and wonderful to her. They tell me they understand the shyness and have had much worse in their classes. (They seem very professional and experienced with teaching all ages- I'm totally impressed.)

I pay, fill out the paperwork, and tell her we will have to buy a leotard and tights. She is just looking at me with the "Stouffer scowl." Then I add, "Oh, and you get new shoes."

With that, her face brightens up, and she asks, "New shoes? Really??? When is my first class?"

I have no idea where she gets that from, but I have a feeling this child might be very expensive in the future.

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