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Friday, January 22, 2010

Arctic Fun

We are studying Penguins this week.  After learning about the North/South Pole climates, Antarctica and it's location and attributes we decided to make a little model.  It didn't work out as I envisioned, but it was fun.

First we froze 3 baggies of water to make icebergs.  Once frozen we placed them in the Arctic Ocean (with added food coloring for a nice touch).  We noticed how much of the iceberg was underwater compared to how much floated above it.  The icebergs didn't show up very well though.  (Next time we will have to make the icebergs a white color.... will have to think about how to do that!) 

Then, we added some of the fake snow we had leftover from Christmas.  It was the wet snow that you make by adding water, not the Styrofoamy stuff.  Well, it became more fun to pile it on and the whole ocean turned into jello-ish goop.  The icebergs were forgotten by then and we ended up with a texture project!

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  1. After reading this I'm reminded of another blogger who used penguins as her daughters birthday theme and made the invites igloo style. She got an igloo cake mold, not sure where, filled it with blue colored water, added the invite and a small toy (which were inside a plastic baggie), froze and they popped right out. This could be done outside this time of year too :) She made several and then delivered the igloo's to the guests homes by placing them on the porch or walk with a note saying something cute about putting the igloo in the bathtub under running water for a surprise. It was the neatest idea!