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Saturday, July 2, 2011

After the fields the real work begins.

I have a big helper this year.  
Livia usually assesses the amount of work and quietly disappears or opts to keep Maggie busy for her contribution.  I prefer the later, obviously.
Virginia wants to always be in the middle of the action, but her "help" usually involves some major spills and extra time to finish the job.  
It is George who has really stepped it up this picking season.  He usually has a better attitude towards chores anyway, but seeing a very active 5 year old boy keep his attention until a long, mundane job is finished is just amazing me. 
Our jobs included sorting stemmed cherries (for chocolate dipping), and color sorting.
How beautiful does that variety look?
The kids kept the cherries fed into the pitter while I banged away, keeping an eye on any that got stuck or slipped through un-pitted.
I can't help it.  When my hands are stained I have to smear it somewhere!
We decided to be warriors.
I think I had more fun than the painted.
After a little fun, it was back to work.  
I think Liv took over the camera after Troy took the above shots.
Ginnie showing how many is just enough to feed into the stoner.  A kid fistful is perfect.
Liv decided she wanted to be Tigerlilly and I gladly played in the juice again.
I wasn't spared of the paint either.  Mine was more of a Pollock style.
We had a bowl to chocolate dip and 4 gallon bags for the freezer.  All in under an hour. 
Thank you helpers!


  1. Okay...we just HAVE to spend more time together! I've always wanted to do berry picking w/my girls and have never done it. You make it look SO FUN!

    And of course, Amelia is DYING to know when she can "see her baby" again. That kid-swap can happen some time after the 10th. :)