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Monday, January 12, 2009

Homeschooling doubts

The Plan
Send George to Pre-school at Calvary Lutheran for 3 half days a week.
Do not re-enroll Liv for K and homeschool her (taking advantage of George being at school for 3 mornings a week).

I'm educated. I am a good teacher. I want to give my kids the best education I can give them. So why am I worried? I am still thinking I can change my mind and re-enroll her and put off homeschooling another year because I'm afraid. Afraid of missing some fundamental building block of education (like a vowel), or getting frustrated with a child who is so much like me in attitude. Maybe it is the fear of solely being responsible for what she learns and doesn't learn for a whole year (or longer depending on our circumstances).

My reasons to homeschool include finances, our location, and my picky ideas on cirriculumn. If we lived in a school zone that has exceptional schools (ours in the city aren't even safe!), or we had the money for multiple children in private schools, I would not homeschool them just for certain teaching methods and styles. We could swing the 3 kids in private school for the early years, but as they all become full day and then on to Middle school and High school, we would be in over our heads. I know this is a way away, but that also makes me think, if I had to pull them out to homeschool for finacial reasons, it would be much easier to do it one at a time and early.

Troy and I have made our decission. We will go with out plan. I just need to give it my all and find a better attitude about it. I need to get excited and gear up for a fun year to see Livia learn up close and personal. This WILL be fun. :)

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