This is nothing special, well to you anyway. I'm not a scrapbook type, or a baby book writer, or even a picture printer. I'm terrible at recording memories. This blog is my attempt at holding on to some of my life as a Christian, a wife, and a homeschooling Mom of 5. I am a country girl that lived in a big city for 14 years, and moved to the Deep South for quiet, quaint, small town living.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Play date

George and I have a play date. We did this last month, when Liv went to a friend's house and I put the little ones down for a nap.  George and I enjoyed our special time by making baseball cupcakes.

Today (in the mid 90's) it is too hot to bake.  Liv is hanging at her buddy, Gerry's house with their friend Alyssa.  George and I are deciding what to do.....

So I started to ask him questions, real personal like.

What is your favorite color?
 Blue, and Brown, and orange, and white.... and well, I just love them all!

What is your favorite food?
Apples and Peaches and Grapes and Strawberries.

What is your favorite toy?
My toy motorcycle and my cowboy stuff..... all of my cowboy stuff, even the things that Livia plays with.

What is your favorite thing to do?
Go to the library, play baseball, swim in our (kiddie) pool, and swing.  I really think I would like to play hide and seek in our (unfinished, messy) basement, but I have never done that.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A robot.

What do you think of baby Maggie?
I like to hold her because she is too little to hold herself.


  1. Swim in his POOP?? Ewwww that's one funky typo!!! :)

  2. Oh heavens. I almost didn't change it, since if George knew what I wrote he would say Yes! I love that too (in his complete boy grossness!). Ahh, life from a tired Mom and a 4 yr old.

  3. George has so many favorites! I assume that makes him pretty easy to please--it widens the margin of error. :)

    (And I LOVE a good typo!)