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Saturday, July 31, 2010

There went July :(

I love Summer.  I want to live in Summer all year long.  I have all but panic attacks when I feel a chilly breeze meaning Fall might be coming.  So, when I see I have only one more day in July I get into "save the last days of Summer mode." 

This year it has meant a whirlwind of thoughts for me, especially when a friend of mine is coming to visit Bmore and we started to talk about what we could do while she and her son were visiting.  I realized that little ole hayseed me, with four kids 6 and under could not do a lot of things downtown.  IF the older 2 were wonderful listeners and helpers, I could probably bring the double stroller for the younger 2 right?  Well, Houdini Ginnie can get herself out of the 5 pt harness, so it only gives me a few mins of safe time if I have to feed Maggie.  Plus, I can't expect her to be happy sitting there all day.  Oh, and did I mention that she can reach Maggie in the double stroller???  Now I'm in protection mode.  I feel my shoulders tensing up.

It all comes down to, Do I stay or Do I go?  I need my backup plans in place.  I need my GPS.  I need to count to 10, breath deeply, and remember that people come out alive from downtown every day. 

That is just one day we are talking about!  Then I think about the bigger picture.... the whole summer....... the whole year!  Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Back to the Summer.  (BTW- When does one need to capitalize the seasons?  Every time?)  Here are some of my inner struggles.

We have a new baby, it is ok to stay home every day.
But what about Summer outings that create great memories like the beach?

This is only a season in my life, we will be able to do more in a few years.
But the kids want to do more NOW.

It will soon get colder and you will lose the chance to be outside as often.
But other kids will be in school and we get the zoo (among other places) to ourselves!

We haven't seen many of our friends, and inviting them over is hard since we don't run the AC much (we want to KEEP our friends and not sweat them out!).
But, I kind of like the privacy.
But I miss talking to grown ups.

I guess each season of life has its pros and cons.  I will just have to pray to be more content with where I am, remember to enjoy the kids at this (not easy to travel with) age, and take each day at a time.

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  1. Downtown during the week is not bad at all. Or you could pick a place that isn't exactly downtown where the kids can have a little more freedom. The sculpture garden at the BMA is nice and so is Cylburn Arboretum. I love fall, but I'm dreading it arriving this year because my oldest is starting kindergarten and I fear we'll be terribly busy all the time. When did life get so hectic?