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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Virginia Jane is TWO!

This entire year, Ginnie has shown us that she is her own person.  I don't think the terrible twos will change much of that!  Whether it is arguing, sharing, getting a boo boo ice pack for someone, or choosing the toy she wants, it is ALL her decision.  Nothing can sway her choice, but her own ideas.  Strong willed, Spirited, Passionate Virginia!  I am praying for God to use her boldness in a mighty way!

As for now.... we are learning how to live with such a head strong little girl.  It was even evident on her Surprise Birthday Day.  (Troy takes off each child's b-day so we can take them somewhere fun for the family.  We put candles in everything they eat, sing, and we all love this tradition!)  

Realizing we were out of eggs, we were limited on what to make for a special birthday breakfast- Oops!  Bi-Rite saved the day!

Then we took them to Hammerman's Beach at Gunpowder State park.  I love it there.  It is like a baby beach- no ocean waves, but sand and shallow water for a day of fun.  I do miss the salt air though!  We packed a lunch...

Waited for the squeals of delight when the bigger kids realized where we were going (which wasn't until we were turning into the parking lot!  How did they forget the ride so fast?) and set up.
This is about where we found out that Ginnie did NOT like the sand.  Not under the umbrella, not the wet sand by the water, not even the sand UNDER the water when we went in!
This is about all she wanted to do, but we kept trying though out the day.
She liked the water, if you kept her feet off the bottom.
And just when we thought the beach wasn't a good way to spend her birthday, she started to enjoy herself!
But she liked Webers farm even better.  Yum, ice cream!  Mini cones to tide them over until dinner at Red Robin's.
We thought she would like the singing and clapping they do for birthdays- nope.  She was a little disturbed.  But the free ice cream made up for that!  We had no idea she would get more ice cream.
We came home to a visit from Aunt Marcy (Ginnie's Godmother) who had a gift in hand.  A new doll stroller.  I am wondering if Ginnie texted Marcy since her old doll stroller broke last week from Ginnie riding in it.  I wouldn't put it past her!
And then, we finished the night off with presents and cake..... ICE CREAM cake, of course!

Happy Birthday Ginnie Jane!

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  1. As much as my 3yr old loves doughnuts, I might have to pile some together for him instead of a cake- he'd love it! That or put 4 on one of his match box truck's for monster tires, thanks for the idea :)