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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Livie Lou is SIX!

Yes, the day after Ginnie's b-day we did it all again!  Troy took off work and we had the whole day planned.  First, a surprise breakfast of monkey bread (we didn't have time to pick up eggs yet!) and gifts.

Then, a trip to the (remade- mini version) Enchanted Forest!  I have pics of my Grandparents taking me and my sister there (don't know if my brother was born yet).  Here is the info on the history.

We got there with enough time for the kids to explore a little.
Before Storytime
Then we took our coloring /activity book/ maze guide to find all the hidden characters in the maze.
How cute to stumble upon Hansel and Gretel snacking on the witches house?
We had lots of time to check out all the animals in the huge petting zoo.
There were even pony rides!
Oh, they are adorable!
SHE is adorable!  Ginnie was happy enough to hang out and watch the pony rides.  "No thank you."
We even brought a huge birthday cake!
Just kidding.  But we did cash in on a groupon to Caroline's cupcakes (formerly the Baltimore Cupcake Factory).  We ate a picnic lunch then sang to her again over the cupcakes.
Then we jumped on the hayride to circle the farm and find faces in the trees!

That would be enough, but Liv needed some new shoes.  So we went to the mall with the carousel (White Marsh).  It was still a little early for dinner, so we dropped the big kids off at the kid room at Ikea while Troy and I shopped with the babies.  We got new storage units for the girls room.
Then, the same as last year, we celebrated at Liv's favorite restaurant.  P.F. Chang's.  She loves some egg drop soup!  It was a little hard to put a candle in the soup so we waited until dessert. 
It was a good first day of being Six.

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