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Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm blue on Blue day

This is the last of our color days.
It is also the lamest.
Well, Blue is HARD!

My cake pedestal is broken, but really it would have just held a bowl of blueberries.
I told you.

I tried to get the kids excited, but they didn't care anymore either. 
They even fussed about finding blue clothes. 
(This was THEIR idea, remember!)

I made Blueberry Smoothies for breakfast.
I put in some frozen bananas to make them colder and give a nice flavor.
Livia: "Why are you adding bananas?  They are yellow."
Me: annoyed- "Well, they have the same first letter as the word BLUE."

I blended, poured into blue cups, and even added blue straws, only to hear this-

George: "But these smoothies are PURPLE!"

If he wasn't a little kid...
and I needed to show the love of Jesus....
AND in reality it would be me who would have to clean it up....
He would have worn that smoothie!

I did smile at the thought though.

The kids went on to play with blue playdough they made at VBS and we called it a day.  
Not even any pictures.

And you didn't believe me.

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