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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rainbow Day!

The kids are begging for homeschool.
Yes, begging.

I indulge them, not because I want super over achievers (on the contrary, the longer I am smarter than them, the better! HA!) but because it keeps them out of trouble.

After the fun of green day, we decided to stretch it for all its worth.

We are starting off our color week(s).  I'm still planning the rest of it, so I don't know how long it will take.  Maggie is feeling pretty bad from her 2 month shots yesterday so I had to do most everything with one hand holding her.  I was able to put her down 2 times all day (now included!).

The kids first had to name the colors of the rainbow in order.  
(We skipped indigo to talk about that later)
Then they had to find a toy in each color and put them in order.
Then we remembered we were in our pajamas!  
Off to get dressed, each wearing a different rainbow color.
So I could make lunch, the kids worked on a color wheel puzzle.
I don't like this puzzle that much.  They only write the tertiary colors correctly half the time.
I made sure to teach my children to say the primary colors first.
It is BLUE green.  Not GREEN blue.
This really irks me.
But it was a lesson learned and then lunch was served.
Yes.  A RAINBOW of food!
Pepperonis, tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, cucumbers, grape jelly on bread, blue yogurt, and ranch dip for all the veggies.
 After lunch the bigger kids worked on a color wheel were we talked about 
primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.
And we mentioned Indigo so they could learn the famous
I still need that to remember!
 While the big kids worked, and I was enjoying the lively discussion on color theory, Virginia snuck into the living room where I had laid Maggie down for the first time all morning.  
I found Maggie crying and not too happy to be colored on with marker.
See it in the shadow?
It is still there.
Washable my behind!
I gave the camera to the kids to go on a color scavenger hunt.  They took turns finding and photographing things around the house that composed the colors of the rainbow.
I don't feel like posting all those pictures.

This is also where Ginnie took her FB picture.
So, then I caged the beast.... I mean put Ginnie down for a nap.
And we started on making a special dessert.
 Rainbow Banana Pudding!
I'm cringing a little with all the food coloring today, but it is just one day, right?
I was finally able to put down the baby again.
She fell asleep like this!
She is still there.
Letting me post.
Such a good girl.

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  1. I think Maggie is playing possum, just waiting for you all to leave to room so she can eat tat pudding sitting behind her :)