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Friday, August 13, 2010

Yellow day

I cheated and we had frozen waffles.  They are yellow.

By frozen, I mean not even thawed out before the kids ate the whole box!  Now, before you jump to conclusions that I'm an unfit mother, know that I was BFing the baby (i.e.- stuck in a chair),and our sweet little Virginia got into the freezer and opened the box.  They begged to eat them frozen like they do freezie peas and freezie corn.  Since I wasn't able to toast them properly, I said Bon Apetit.  

The little boogers scarfed down the whole box!

NOW you can conclude that I'm an unfit mother.

We did make fresh lemonade later on, but never got to our pineapple.
It is still on the counter.
The thought of cutting it intimidates me.
We also had company that day.  CT, Bella, Carmela and Ciacie (Carlie) came over for a visit.  
Carlie unexpectedly sported a yellow shirt too!
But I took the picture before she came over and forgot to take another.
Once again.... I have no idea what happened after everyone left. 

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  1. I seriously own 1 yellow article of clothing and somehow wore it on that day.. Weird. We should have taken a picture!