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Monday, August 9, 2010

Orange Day

And yes, I say Are-enge. And my way is right, and that is all the kids need to know.

But first we had to discuss what "discuss" meant.  All because I said we needed to discuss what color days we will be doing first, and ideas they might have.  So, we did what any civilized people do, we discussed our issue over tea.
Each child needed their own "teapot" to pour into their itty bitty cups.... 
or they would not be very civilized.  
And that is the point, right?

We decided upon Orange (Are-enge) Day
We did another scavenger hunt for orange toys.
We ate an orange lunch.
Yellow tomatoes (they look orange), apricots, ritz crackers for the not so orange tuna, and cheezits.
I was very surprised to find it easy to create a balanced lunch with the same color.
Not so sure how blue will work yet.....
The kids ate it all.
Ginnie is sporting her orange shirt and picked out an orange cup.
She only likes to drink out of cups with matching lids, by the way.

Liv and George cut and colored various orange things on their own for a long while.
While I chased Ginnie around holding the baby.....

Liv wanted to make sweet potato biscuits for orange day, and we had Italian spiced orange pork chops (that might have been good if I hadn't over cooked them), asparagus, and rice for dinner.

Today wasn't as extravagant as rainbow day, but I was/am tired.

I have no idea how we will discuss color day tomorrow.  
I'm going to wing it.  
It IS summer vacation after all!  Sheesh!

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  1. Please post something about the next day during which you do NOTHING so that I can stop feeling like such a boring slouch of a parent every time I read your blog! All that to say I am awed, inspired, and well, yes I admit it--a tad envious! Now...where's my food coloring...

    You rock, Janie. :)