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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Attitude adjustment

We have had some trouble with having happy hearts.  Troy and I try to instill the importance of Joy in your heart, even when doing something you don't want.  Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit after all, so we read that we need, and can ask God's help with that.  We put this is practice by stopping the kids mid complaint and pray about the state of their heart (although not as consistently as I should).  I know they are getting the message, but sometimes they need a little more motivation.  It is hard for a 2, 4, and 6 yr old to be happy about cleaning up their toys all the time.

In desperation, I hastily createded a chart to keep track of rewards.  Each kid can earn stickers when caught doing something with a happy attitude (randomly, because I don't want it to be complete bribery). They can also lose stickers if they haven't shaped up after a warning. 

I have a page of stickers clipped behind the chart, the chart in a plastic sleeve protector for easy removal, and the chart clipped to the fridge where Ginnie can't tear it to shreds like I know she can.

It seems to be working.  Liv has earned 2 prizes (3 silly bands/ filled column) and George and Virginia have both earned 1 (silly bands for George, mini M&Ms for Ginnie).  I think the key is to give out stickers all day long.  I have found that the kids lose them quite often, so it doesn't mean treats every day, more like every couple of days.  Or maybe my kids are just baaaaaaad.  They get that from Troy.

Stop looking at me like that.  I'M Practically Perfect in Every Way.


Actually, I might be reminded to have a better attitude if I was promised chocolate also.

I wonder if I should make a chart for me?

I wonder if the kids would be fair in dolling out stars to Mom?

I think I have to do this now!

Or I could just eat the chocolate.

If it wasn't a spiritual growth issue, I would totally just eat the chocolate.

Ugh, Growing is soooooo hard!

That doesn't count.

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  1. Super Mom, I love your blogs !! I think I may have to use this one, if you don't mind...Gerry is been pretty "ugly" lately..The hubby and I are pretty much at our breaking point ! But I'm gonna have to tell him, that Mrs.Janie said " you have to have 2 days of all goodness to get a prize" since he is allowed 1 little snack size candy bar..Just don't know what his prize will be...hmmm..