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Friday, August 13, 2010

Purple Day

Yeah, since I loathe football, I had no idea that it was a Raven's football game day and it was a Baltimore Purple day too.  
I told the kids it was because everyone wants to be like us.  
I kind of believe that.... My Dad told me!

We got our purple gear on....
We talked about some purple foods and agreed that we would pass on the purple cabbage.

I introduced them to a Bloxom favorite

Made homemade french toast with grape whipped cream.
(Freshly whipped cream with a little melted grape jelly)
Frozen berry popcicles
(love that any drips won't show on purple clothes!)

George drew a purple picture

Then Purple day started to go down hill....

Blue and Red make purple.
That doesn't mean blue food coloring on red watermelon make purple designs.
It doesn't look soooo bad in the picture, but in real life it looked gross.
We tossed these pieces and just ate the watermelon plain.
The kids dared to complain that we should have had that on red day.

They are happy to have survived Purple day.

Then Purple day got down right nasty.

Melted purple butter on popcorn.
Kind of like colored popcorn balls, right?

Blackish, melted, shriveled up popcorn that even Ginnie wouldn't eat!

Purple popcorn= Fail.

Did I mention that I'm tired of Color Days???

Oh, but Troy, Ginnie and I enjoyed eggplant parm for dinner.  My fav!  
Liv and George decided that is was ok, but the salad was better.  
It was just a plain lettuce and tomato salad.

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