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Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Weekend

Look at this sweet baby.

Something was making her giddy!
Maybe it was the hundreds of eggs lying around her?
Maybe she knew Troy and I have been so preoccupied with this Cancer mess
that I didn't plan any of the great Easter activities I wanted
and was going to buy their affections via Easter basket gifts the next morning?

Whether she knew it or not, those kids scored.
I about cleared out the gift closet this year.
So much stuff, it wouldn't fit.

Spoiled rotten.
Does anyone look grateful?
Does anyone appreciate the material gifts showered upon them?
I believe Maggie is bowing and saying, "I'm not worthy!"
SHE will get a basket next year.
The other brats are out of luck.

(As if I could remember that next year!)

Well, I forgave them and we went to church.
Jesus frowns on grudges, you know.

After church, Ginnie (Troy's mom) pulled together another one of her masterpieces.   
You know the kind.  
It isn't served on silver platters, but there is so much food and lovely little details that you can't figure out how she throws it all together and look like it took no effort.
(I still struggle with just getting my regular dinners on the table at the same time.)
I am always in awe of her.
Plus, silver platters would make me nervous and just get kid prints all over them.
The younger grandkids enjoyed their egghunt.
The older grandkids had goodies made up from their Nana so they weren't left out,

Our kids have some wonderful older cousins.
They let Ginnie boss them around.
"Renee, you can get that egg for me."

And everyone wants to hold this one.
But I think she liked Sean the best.
Maggie sat with Sean a few times.
We all just really enjoyed each other this holiday.

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