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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Master of the Pancakes!

Everyone knows Troy is perfect.
Not only because he makes homemade waffles or pancakes, or donuts most Saturday mornings, 
but that does help.

His latest masterpiece was peach cobbler pancakes.

He used my favorite recipe for pancakes, which happens to be my Mom's.
Adding a few chopped peaches (he used frozen) when the batter is spooned on the griddle is step one.

Step two is sprinkling a little crumb topping he threw together with brown sugar, butter, flour 
and who knows what else.

These had a peach cobbler flavor that did not need anything added to it.
It goes right along with my 
"A good pancake or waffle should hold it's own without the aid of syrup"

1 comment:

  1. It is a great aid to perfection to have someone so close to you believe so deeply and express so openly that you ARE perfect.

    Your husband's perfection and the pride you feel in your kids are likely one way they "rise up and call you blessed." :)