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Monday, May 2, 2011

On to the new school year... sort of.

We had our end of the year meeting with our wonderful umbrella director.  
Liv is on the right track and is ready for 2nd grade.  
The only thing is math.  
We are starting a new curriculum and I'm beginning it from page 1.  
It is all the way back to the basics of 1st grade math.  
We are going to work through the summer and (hopefully) solidify the concepts in her brain.  
The great thing about homeschooling (well, one of the many great things) is my ability to work on a concept, or in this case, a subject until the child "gets it."  
Now we just need to work on the "I hate math" attitude.

 We will be reviewing all the letter sounds and get George excited about reading this summer.

But it isn't all academic.  We will be continuing art throughout the summer.  This is a great time to do messy, big projects because they can be done outside! 
 We are starting with some fundamentals.  This day was figure drawing. 
 Even Cat Women was learning how to draw a human form with basic circles and ovals.
 After that day, we learned that chasing math with art was a great attitude booster!
 So the next day was just some free painting time.
 With a little math, a lot of reading, continuing piano lessons, plenty of art, and loads of field trips....
we are gearing up for our summer session schedule!
It is looking pretty fun!

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