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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Class

 Self Portrait 101
 We use journals to record a lot.  
Science hypotheses, letters, lists.... Really, anything they need to write down, so it is all in one place.  
So, to start our little self portrait unit, we discussed 
"about ME."
This is Phase 1.
(please excuse the upside down flag, she got a little confused)
 What our names mean
Livia- Olive= peace
George- Earth worker
Virginia- Maiden
Margaret- Pearl
 Some of our favorite things.
 What we want to be when we grow up.
 What makes us feel happy, sad, angry.....
Then we started on simple shapes.  We did a lot of circles and ovals.
The trick is to go round and round quite a few times until you can find a good circle or oval.
I didn't record this part, but I went step by step with facial proportions.
I was drawing my own as they did theirs.
 I took a lot of erasing, but we ended up with just what we wanted.
Then came the paint!
I didn't focus much on techniques, but we did some water color trouble shooting.
 Liv kept adding to her picture with more and more accessories.  
Just like real life.
 Virginia was not about to be left out of the painting, 
even though she wasn't interested in the sketching part.
 I loved watching George's techniques.  
He likes layers.
So do I.

 We have a happy artist!
With the moody attitude she inherited from me, 
you never know what kind of artist you will get!
Phase 2 is finished.
The 3 steps of George and Liv's process.
Ginnie Jane's process (experimentation and fine motors skills)

Phase 3 is coming.
We will merge Phase 1 and Phase 2.

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  1. This is just way too cool. I wish you taught my girls art!! (I don't want to bash their teacher, but no one's done portraits yet!) Absolutely love it.