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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chincoteague Island!

On Fall day, we concluded our Misty of Chincoteague unit.
Dad took us on the royal tour!
Not that icecream had to do with anything in the book, 
but the Island Creamery is a Chincoteague MUST.
Then off for a quick trail to the lighthouse.
Everyone needed to burn off some of that sugar!
The actual lighthouse wasn't that impressive to the kids (or to me as a kid)
but being able to see it from all over the island and Assateague was a good reference.
(Plus, the kids remembered it as I pulled the picture up- Yay for brain connections!)
Then we ran a muck on the beach.
We being Liv, George, ad Virginia, of course.
At first I wanted to compare them to the wild ponies on the beach, 
but in reality they were scurrying along the waves like little sand pipers!
I didn't have the heart to remind Ginnie she was afraid of sand.
Plus, a certain little someone seemed to fill that role anyway.
 "Hey kids- look this way!"
"George, look at the camera!!"
"Giiiiiiinnnnie!  Say cheese!"
I give up.
I really give up.  
Sand head.
We had to pry them away from the beach.
No one wanted to leave.
Except Maggie!
 But we still had places to go!
This was fun to mess with the kids.....
 Ummm, Misty died years ago, but she is stuffed in the museum!
(with her baby Stormy)
I had NO idea there was a movie, or other books!  
We bought them, of course!
Fun fact- Teaguers used bat poo for energy.
Back to the field trip....
We finally saw some ponies up close.
These are trick ponies, but we didn't go at show time.
We browsed the store instead.
Oh Grandpop...... ha ha.

Thanks Dad, for the fun filled day!
School trips were checked off and most importantly,
Memories were made!

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