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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day part 1

I wish I could say Troy woke up to birds chirping and breakfast in bed, but it was probably more like Ginnie crying for us and Troy bringing her to me to feed her so we can both lay there a little longer. (to be honest, I don't remember) Then, rushing out the door to church. Yes, I am ashamed to say, I forgot it was Father's day in the morning. I realized it after seeing the car show at church, and I quickly said, "Happy Father's day!" before anyone else did, but I forgot everything I planned. Can you tell I am NOT a morning person? Thankfully we celebrate "Patient Father's Day." One more reason why I love that man. ♥

So, before you see pics, you should know that we went to church, then drove to Baugher's in Westminster to pick cherries. The gift giving happened after all of that, and before we ordered pizza. (I was going to shock trauma to visit a friend who was in a car accident- he is ok and home now) Troy had a quiet night with his babies since I was out.

The Fire pit for the backyard

The DAD picture
(the idea was taken from a lovely bargain friend!)

A special treat!

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