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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Dedication. 2 for 1

Don't make fun.  It was pretty sweet to do two dedications at once.  Out of town family only had to make the dive once, we didn't have to get all dolled up in different outfits (of course) and commit to 2 Saturdays.  See?  Genius.
This day we dedicated Virginia and Margaret to the Lord and promised to raise them up as children of God.  Troy read a letter to each of the girls, with out Children's Pastor near by.  We really like him.  I can't tell if he likes us back or just thinks we are crazy and we get the sympathy love.
Ciacie, Uncle Justin and Grammy

Aunt Marcy, Mike, and Katie (and hiding is Stephanie!  Found you!)
Dad was the photographer.  He was able to catch the slide show with the girls' pics.
Liv is thrilled.
Church did a lovely job.  I missed most of the service because Virginia was not into it.  We chased each other in the hallway for an hour.  

The foyer was decorated with piggy banks to represent the investment the church will put into our children, just as we invest in them daily.  The Pastors even started the fund with some moolah in each bank.  

Oh, and there were cupcakes.  That might be all Virginia remembers.  That is why I blog.

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