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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boy time

There is nothing like a simple IKEA shelf assembly to teach the skill of following directions and how things fit together.
Troy really put some teaching skills into this.  He spent 30 mins on what would have been a 10 min project because he was coaching George through the instructions.  I never realized how great this could be.  There are no words, just pictures and numbers- perfect for George!
 The little man counted, followed the order of steps, screwed, hypothesized about what would happen next.  He had no idea he was learning so much!  He was just happy to build with Daddy.
 In the end, we got a shelf with 6 pull out drawers that were to go on the wall next to the girls' bunk beds.  Thanks to this whacked out house, studs weren't where they were supposed to be, plaster and slats aren't fun to deal with, the shelf didn't make it up.  

Maybe Troy will want to teach George the wonders of filling holes with plaster next!

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