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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Times

That's my sissy and her fiance Justin.  I won't call him a sissy.  He's a manly man.  Works out doors.  Hardcore.  We like him.  I'm all about hardcore.  I gave birth naturally, if you remember.  
I love bringing that up.
Carlie likes to make time for family.  I like family time, but I'm a slacker when it comes to planning.  She is good like that.  And she will come to us- bonus!  I'll gladly cook if they do the traveling.  So we had dinner and some chillin time around the little fire pit.  It was lovely.  
Even Ginnie decided to sit still for 8 seconds.  A record for her. 
We roasted and chilled.  I like that combo if there has to be any chilling happening.  I'm not a cool weather type of person.  Gooey marshmallow yumminess takes the edge off.
Look at Justin.  He is shielding his goo covered face.  I'm sure it was goo covered.  I don't have a picture to prove it, because I was trying to un-stick my hands from my own goo covered face, but I'm sure it was a mess.  Sure of it.
We are trying to raise up the kids to think roasting is fun and they will want to make us perfectly-light brown-but-completely-gooey inside mallows.  
Ginnie is on to us.  Not a fan of the roast.  
She is more of an immediate gratification kid of girl anyway.  She will grab a handful of cold marshmallows and run to the swings.
George has a little more patience.  
He likes his mallow medium rare, just toasted, but still cold on the inside.
Liv is learning the art.  
She was in a cowgirl mood too.  
How did I just notice this?  
Where was my brain that night.
I do remember George with his hat.  And I can't forget Ginnie's toboggan.  
Carlie kept calling her Bebe's kid.  
Well, if you know where we live......
But the best part of the night was introducing a couple of amateurs to gourmet s'mores.  
We are just trying to spice up their soon-to-be wedded life.  

Hello S'MOREOS!  

Peanut butter s'moreos to be exact.  Justin is addicted to pb.  At least it is a cheap addiction. 
Don't judge.
Yes, I'm sure you figured it out already.  It is a pb oreo with a toasted mallow inside.  
Some kids in our church's youth group, years ago, did this and I wasn't super impressed 
(except for the name- genius, yet understated).
UNTIL I had one with the pb Oreo.  
Oh my heaven.
That special kind of chocolate cookie that is only from Oreo.
A perfectly toasted marshmallow.
The pb cream.
Sandwiched in another classic cookie.
I kept admiring it.  Like it was art.
It was yummy art.

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