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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy TOOTH Day!

We have decided to celebrate Tooth day in our home.  I think I made it up, because I haven't heard of anyone else doing this.  Then again, I tend to forget a lot.  Speak up if I stole the idea from you.
 On the day a child loses their first tooth, we celebrate Toothday.  It is sort of like a birthday day, but much less involved.  Since we don't do gifts from Santa, or the Easter Bunny, it doesn't really make sense for there to be a Tooth Fairy.  Plus, have you counted the amount of teeth kids have times FOUR!?! We are too cheap for that!

Liv had her first tooth pulled by the Dentist (it was no where near loose, but the adult tooth was most of the way in behind it, farther back than it should be).  What a way to lose your first.  :(
Liv decided on ice cream for lunch. (Her mouth was a little tender, and Friendly's was crowded making ordering real food a major time extender, so I agreed, lucky girl!)  The kids rode the mall carousel, and we came home to an afternoon movie of her choice while I made one of her favorite meals.

Sloppy Joes, yogurt-fruit salad, with chips.

She also requested a cheesecake months ago.  Can you tell we have been planning this for a while?  Brownie bottom, vanilla cheesecake with mini chocolate chips. 

What other way to make it festive but to add a candle and sing Happy Toothday!

We gave her a gift and Troy and I silently rejoiced in the idea that we don't have to keep cash on hand, remember to exchange tooth for money, and counted the amount of money we will not have to give for gross teeth!  Woot!

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