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Monday, December 27, 2010

it is official

The new kitties are a part of the family.  All of our little ones, with the exception of Maggie (but give her time...) have played with the toilet paper, leaving an empty roll behind.  Thankfully, that is all they have done, mischief-wise. 

We got Buddy and Jovie (know the reference?) after we fired the exterminators.  So far, our bold little mouse has not made his nightly appearance since we got them.  We are just praying this works!

Edit- The mouse came out in broad day light, with all of us around.  The loud kids didn't even scare him!  I give up!!!!

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  1. So cute! It should work. We've always had cats since before I was born and never had mice. The house in O had one before we moved in, apparently, but my cat caught it within two weeks (and he was a housecat who'd never been outside). And do I win anything if I know the reference? Haha! :P