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Friday, March 25, 2011

Planet Earth Repercussions

I thought buying the Planet Earth series would be a fun addition to our homeschool.
I'm always looking for extras to add to what we are learning.
If the extra is on CD, DVD, Or video game form, the kids think I'm the
"Best Teacher EVER."

I figured there would be some talks about the predator/prey scenes.
I hoped it wouldn't get to graphic.
The skittish ones (Liv and me) are fairing Ok.

I guess I talked too much about it.
The kids are totally into the idea that animals eat each other.
We have even had to relive the Great White eating the Seal about 800 times.
They plan on making it "breach" in the bathtub.

Tell me kids that aren't homeschooled do weird things also!

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  1. Oh this is too fun to imagine...let's hope they don't get inspired to re-enact any great migrations (although you could get some serious toy-rearranging done like that!) Planet Earth is an awesome series.