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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Answer? distract? or ignore? HELP!

Livia asked me for the 3rd time since this pregnancy began, "How does the baby come out of your belly?"
I smoothly answer for the 3rd time, "We will learn about that when you are in 4th grade health."

For the 2nd time, she asks, "Why do I have to wait until the 4th grade?"
I again, quickly reply, "Because that is when I learned about babies being born."  (I'm sure I had a decent idea before then, we did have a set of encyclopedias that I loved to read!  But this was the first year I remember a health class being taught for just girls, if you know what I mean.)

Today she adds on something new.  "Why can't I learn about it now?"
This time I stutter a little, trying to make up something that might pacify her.  "Well, can't learn everything at once, or what will you learn in the 4th grade?"  Oh man, that was lame.  So glad it worked for now!

Any better suggestions for next time?  You know there will be a next time!


  1. Tell her to go ask her daddy. :)

  2. Why not tell her? Ellie knows and loves watching videos of babies being born. At least she didn't ask how exactly the baby was put there!

  3. I agree with Kirsten. Tell her and keep it simple. When my 5 year old asked, I said, "The baby comes out the birth canal." And amazingly, he was satisfied with that.

  4. I guess it is just against my up-bringing of "because I said so," that just giving her a straight forward, truthful answer seems odd. But thinking on it, there is lots of sense to that approach. Thanks ladies! And for giggles, I think I might take Sabrina's advise first. I'll be sure to grab the video camera!!

  5. yeah, my sister was quite glad when she was pregnant with her second that she could honestly answer Zach's questions about how the baby gets out of mommy's belly with: "well a doctor is going to cut it out for us."

    You could always just go with "Mommy will go to a hospital and the doctor will get the baby out" and see if that pacifies her.