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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Fever

Well, I'm not a fan of sports, and especially winter sports (is curling the only safe winter sport??), but I can't pass up a learning opportunity for the kids.  During the opening ceremony (that we tivoed and watched the next day due to the late hour) the kids helped Troy find each country on the globe. 
 Troy and I were glad we saw the performance part of the ceremony alone the night before because we spent the next couple of hours answering back to back questions about how the floor turned into water, how whales got inside, and where those Native Americans like Pocahontas. I was impressed that Liv and George enjoyed it so much.

Maybe the special Olympic pizza helped with the excitement.

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  1. How fun! I can imagine they would be full of questions. Half the time I was wondering what type of surface they were using--the effects were incredible!

    A medical assistant I work with made the comment last week, "I'm so excited for the Olympics! I LOVE Gymnastics!!" After a few minutes of awkward silence we told her that these were the winter Olympics, with no gymnastics. So she decided she probably wouldn't watch :)

    I hope you guys are doing well. Go Team USA!!