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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maggie Moo is ONE!

Due to Cancer and no time to plan, we had a super quiet family day for Margaret's first birthday.  
She woke up to some gifts (we gave her a swing early), cupcakes for breakfast, 
and singing with a candle, of course.

 Virginia has kind of taken over Maggie's doll, and even named it baby Jane.  No idea where that came from unless it was her not-so-subtle way of claiming it hers since her middle name is Jane.  Sneaky.
 We found out that Maggie is more of a cake girl than an icing girl.  Like her Momma.
 We haven't taken her one year portraits yet, so a little impromptu photo session was in order.
Then, it was a pretty lazy day.  
Troy was still resting a lot due to the lasting effects of his long chemo week.
 But nothing was going to keep us from experiencing Fells Point Maggie Moo's ice cream.
(I think Ginnie was trying to sneak into the bar next door!)
 It was HOT.  It was 102, but the heat index was 110. 
 Maggie thoroughly enjoyed her little birthday in a cup!
In fact, she was the only one besides Troy who didn't get sick after that.  We sent Troy to a friend's house the next day because that ice cream made a second appearance to Ginnie, George, and myself.   Gross.  
Liv just got mopey and had a bellyache.  
I'm just glad our little birthday girl stayed happy and healthy!

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