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Friday, June 10, 2011

Back in Business

It has been a wild ride this past month. 

In the beginning of the month, Troy had surgery to remove a testicular tumor, they found more cancer cells in the lymph nodes, decided to use radiation, then changed their mind to do chemo and Troy has almost completed his first 3 week cycle (of 3 cycles) of chemo.  Did you get all that?  Oh yeah, and we partied at my sister's wedding in the middle of it all.  It can't be all gloom and doom, you know.

Actually, it isn't gloomy or doomy.  We have Faith in a God that Heals and Hope in the future He has for us.  Not to mention the most amazing friends and family ever.  Troy's parents have called daily, and visited weekly to sit with Troy during some of his treatments (plus brought gifts!).  We have friends that have visited, brought meals, cut our grass, babysat and send us encouraging notes.  One sweet friend even created a sign up page to organize our needs and volunteers.  The love and help they have given is pretty over whelming.  I can type it fine, but speaking it makes me cry sometimes.  I still have a hard time accepting it all.

So now we are getting in a groove, at least we hope we are.  Some harder days, some easier ones, and a handful of normal ones.  It is a little easier to get back into life, and that means documenting it too.  Be prepared for some backlog!

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  1. Wow Janie. I had no clue. My thoughts and prayers are with Your whole family.