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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cake Boss in the making.

Marcy had a cake to make.  
I had a night to hang.  
She let me play with her new food coloring markers!

She was prepared, as always.
The cake was baked, fondanted (yes I know that is not a real word), 
images printed, and gum paste cut and dried.
She said to copy the pictures onto the gum paste circles as best as we could.
I was loving this!
I realized Marcy has skills beyond baking too.
You can't tell which ones I did and which ones she did.
I was secretly impressed.
And a little intimidated.
She is supposed to be the baker and I'm the artist!
Now I need to get better at baking to even the score!
So this cake is for a couple twins that Marcy loves sooooo much.
She made this cake a compilation of their favorite things.  The circles represent some and the camera depicts their love for photography and the image of the two of them in the LCD screen.
Look at that face.  
She knows it is clever.
Yes, it is all edible.
The Adirondacks, Van Gogh
Fish, Under Armor, Space
Facebook, those barefoot running shoes, Dodge ball (I am still laughing at that picture!)

I had so much fun!
Thanks Marcy for the sweet evening (get it? ha ha), 
and making me feel useful, 
AND giving me an opportunity to make some art!

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  1. This is so beyond me I cannot even imagine EATING it, let alone CREATING it. Well done! And well done w/your Wild West Halloween in the 'burbs & the awesome trip to your in-laws' home. Very nice.