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Friday, November 12, 2010

Weaving, oh yeah.

Troy and I were talking (Ok, so it was probably more like, I was talking and Troy was my audience) and I was thinking out loud things the kids could do that would be fun, educational, and keep their hands busy.  Can you tell I'm gearing up for winter when we are holed up inside all day?

I mentioned those simple kid weaving looms.  He looked at me like I was nuts.  He had never paid attention to any kind of toy like that.  He was purely a "play ball" kind of kid, apparently.  

I'm sure he wasn't outside 24/7 but he has conveniently forgotten the rest of his childhood.  
He needs therapy.  
Shock therapy.

I grabbed my weekly 40% off coupon for A.C. Moore and bought a simple loom and hook for $4.  

Of course I couldn't just throw the project at the kids.  
I had to make it a lesson.  
Of course.

Not pictured is the "paper spring" skill.  Unless you are Troy, you know what I'm talking about.  A simple practice of folding back and forth.  Want to know why it is not pictured?  I totally missed the spring when I blindly zoomed in.  Stupid broken camera.

Then we did some simple paper weaving.

Finally, we broke out the loom, hook, and loops.

And two, yes, TWO days later it was finished.  
Apparently my memory is a little fickle also.  I guess it wasn't the rip roaring, exciting project I remembered.  George encouraged Liv to finish it by offering to help.  

Mind you, George wasn't into it for the coordination experience, nor the pattern practice.  He wanted to give the finished project (not pictured also) to his girlfriend, Allyson (aka babysitter).  
And he did too.  She loved it.  
She has no idea that by taking that gift, it was like signing a betrothal.  
See you at the chapel in about 20 years, Allyson! 

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