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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maggie Raye

Her little personality is starting to show.
It is beginning to look like her personality is not so little.
Mags is picky as to who gets to hold her.
Even if you make the cut some days, you might not the next.
She plays with your emotions.
It is a cruel thing.
Then she looks at you and makes a silly face.
She has a way of erasing any ill feelings.

Hey Ma!  Who am I?
(That is a little game we like to play in this family.)

No matter what she does, I think I might always give her a little extra mercy.
I will probably even spoil her.
Not because she is the baby, but because of what she put up with.

That personality that is starting to show is still microscopic compared to Virginia.
Ginnie loves little Maggie.
She looks so sweet kissing Maggie's head.

And it is sweet.
Except that all I can think of is
"I will love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and I will call him George."

Maggie is just trying to survive folks.
She deserves a little extra love.

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  1. Love the Bugs Bunny quote! (It is Bugs Bunny, isn't it?) Yay for the emergence of Maggie!