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Friday, November 5, 2010

Pizza Night

I had to run out the other night.  I left Troy and the kids with homemade pizza dough, sauce, cheese and pepperonis.  I handed Troy the camera and said- have a party!  I'm looking at the pictures now.

Ginnie was super excited, see?  
Hmmmm..... I wonder how this night will end up.  
Poor Troy!  Ha ha!

George seemed to like spreading out his dough.
Liv got her's pretty big.
Troy was awesome and let them do it all.  
I love that!  
I love him!
Ginnie is looking like a sweet, attentive child.  I'm impressed.
I know Liv and George understand that they need to have the right attitude and behaviors to do special things.  But it is always wonderful to see it being played out.  Sweetness!

I can hear them now.  

"George, may I have the cheese please?  
Oh, thank you.  I'll gladly save you some."

Oh my heart swells!
Sharing, experimenting, creating, helping.....
Ginnie is listening, behaving, helping!
And, by Golly, 
even SMILING!!!!
Of course the older two are loving their extra fun dinner.
Looks good!
Even Maggie looked content and joyous.
Family time, learning time, eating time. 
It is all so lovely and peaceful.  Blissful even!
Why did I have to miss this?!?
Something always goes amiss when I'm around.
Especially when I have good things planned.
I'm trying not to be bitter.
Oh wait.
What is that????
Ahhhh.  All is right in the world again.
(Did you wonder why she seemed to happy, even when things where not HER way?  Oh yes.  She was in control of where the dough would end up!)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Love the play by play!! Ginnie is the life of the party!! Just like her mama!!!