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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just another weekend at Nana and Pop Pop's

Troy's parents know how to make a home.  Their house is brilliantly built (David spent years thinking about how he wanted to build, update, add on, and furnish their home ever since they bought it in the early 70's).  

Between he and Ginnie, they have put in countless hours to make it what Troy and I fondly call, the Stouffer Bed and Breakfast.  The lovely accommodations include meals made from scratch, strolls throughout the property with the great dane, listening to the babbling waterfall that flows into the pond, and evenings with catching-up-conversations and/or complete family gatherings.   It makes it all worth while to pack up all these kids and travel with them!  (Can you tell I'm not a fam of leaving the house much?)

Ginnie let the kids help make apple crisp. 
Notice George looking at something?  
What could keep a Stouffer's attention like nothing else?
I can't speak for Troy's sister or brother, but I know he and his parents love some TV.  
Or at least the noise it provides.  

This gene, or whatever it is, has been passed to Liv, George, and Maggie.  Yes, even my sweet little baby is mesmerized but the flashy screen.  

Not little Ginnie though.  
Nothing could keep her from getting into all that she dreams of  
breaking terrorizing exploring.... ahem. 

Liv is happy to sit back and watch G and V bake while scraping the caramel pot from caramel apples.
There are no rules about sweets at Grandparent's houses.
Troy's brother brought over some incredible smoked meats that he smoked himself.  It was awesome!  Just like a professional.  He even made his own smoker, in the Stouffer way.  
They just know how to create things.
It was really fun to hang out with all the Stouffers (minus a couple).  It is getting even nicer when nieces and nephews are old enough (and willing) to watch over our kids so we can have an adult conversation or 2.  Our kids have some great cousins.
and.... the outcasts.  
Troy and Barry waiting for the crowd to disperse and give a little elbow room around the food.  

But it is not all fun and games and merriment.
Oh no.
There is work to be done to keep up this place!
No matter how young....
They can do something.
That is the Stouffer way.  
I'm exempt.  I'm just married in.
That is what I try to tell them.

But I will sacrifice my children in a heartbeat.
Can you hear Pop Pop now?
"A little less talk, a little more work young man,"

I can't wait until we can send the kids to the Stouffer boot camp in a few summers!

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