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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cowboy Room

Troy was painting George's room.  It is slowly becoming more and more like the cowboy room I'm envisioning.  After Troy taped off and covered everything in the middle of the room, he gave the kids paintbrushes and let them go at it while he cut the trim. 

I kind of want them to paint this on the finished wall.
Kind of.
For one who paints murals, I really have a hard time committing to a room design.
I don't know if Liv really knew we were going to paint over her masterpiece, 
as she went with the cowboy theme also.
We knew enough to strip Ginnie down first.
Cowboys, Indians, Cowgirls, horses....
The wild west in action.
Those kids worked so fast, they got 2 walls done before Troy finished his half.  The stories they were telling about their art was amazing.  It was an interactive story as they kept on illustrating it.  
I really wished I used the video mode.

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  1. It was great meeting you at Chik-fil-a today. Your blog is a hoot. It has motivated me into updating mine more often. Lets get together sometime!

    You are a brave woman; putting paint brushes in your kids' hands like that!