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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas break? What Christmas break?

I'm mean.
There is no time off for Christmas.
Christmas is on a Sunday this year too.
We don't even have to cram in extra work to make up for holiday days off.

But them there is the fact that I'm behind in recording their work.
Like 2 weeks behind.
It is just a matter of going through their books and writing down what pages they did each day,
and checking library receipts to see what we have read... Then I have to write it all down.

I think maybe a week off is needed.
For me.
 Liv is ahead in her school work.
She has no idea.  I just keep handing her stuff to do as she masters each concept.
 She also finished up her 1st grade math yesterday.  It would be a nice break for her to start 2nd grade math after the new year, right?  George is also starting 1st grade math then.  (She did NOT want to be in the same grade level as George, so I gave him a couple of weeks off so she could finish up.)
George just grasps math concepts better. 
I'm waiting on him to start explaining it to Liv.
Oh, I can see her getting mad already!
 George has been reading up a storm.
Even though it has been a bit of a challenge
(since I never really had to teach Liv, she sort of just knew it all). 
I might keep him going with this next week. 
 He is the child who fights me the least on school work.
Well, if we work next week or not, I'm looking fwd to some relaxing!

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