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Monday, December 12, 2011

Pocomoke? Oh yeah, in the Mountains?

No, this is not the Poconos.
Nor is it the place from the Beach Boys Song, Kokomo.
Pocomoke City, MD.
Sometimes I even spell it for people with the little song my Aunt Grace taught me.

Even if you have not heard of Pocomoke, it is pretty special.
Famous people have come from there.
It is the Friendliest town on the Eastern Shore.
Phyisteria happened there.
There was the most adorable little Miss Pocomoke in '84.
Pocomoke also has a lovely discovery center perfect for the kids when we visit Grandpop.
You can learn how to dredge for oysters.
Apparently, Liv would starve as a waterman, waterwoman, waterperson, waterkid?
The 2 story steamboat begins to wear them out as they run laps.
Here, we are playing.... This is where Ciacie (my sister Carlie) lives, here is where Grandpop lives, here is where Grandpop's boat is, this is where we had to pee 2 hours into the trip....
Margaret is just pretending to like the paintings.  She really just wanted to be held.
Troy is reading about the GIANT duck hunting rifles they used to use. 
Those babies were taller than a man!

And when we have exhausted the museum, our next favorite place is the Pocomoke Elementary School playground- that really has 3 different playgrounds plus a giant slide.
Yes, after Pocomoke Elementary, a sudent goes on to Pocomoke Middle School, then to Pocomoke High School.  There is no college in Pocomoke because come on, who would go to PU? 
ha ha, I'm so funny.
I was actually able to capture all 4 in one shot!
See the bright ball of magic in the corner?
Even Fairies live in Pocomoke.
And where there are Fairies, Pirates must be lurking near by....
I love my little hometown.
I love that my kids get to have some small town fun from time to time.
One day, I would love for that to be all the time.

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